Cubo Magico V-CUBE 7x7 originale Verdes 7x7x7 - VDN7XQYZW

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  • Cubo magico 7x7

  • Originale di Verdes Innovations

  • colore fondamentale è il bianco

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  • The next generation in puzzle cubes has arrived and the V-Cube sits firmly at the top of the pile.

    Since their inception in the 1970s, puzzle cubes have been a mainstay of the skill toy market and now The V-Cube, with its stylish curved design, has now bought the puzzle cube into the 21st Century and manages to out-perform everything else out there.

    Each cube is made to an exceptionally high standard by the V-Cube team and incorporates patented technology that ensures the cleanest, smoothest rotations and performance. The rotations are effortless and the cube won't get stuck like other models making it a great product for speed cubers!

    Not for the faint-hearted - or easily frustrated - this is a six sided puzzle cube with a whopping 49 squares on each side for you to attempt to line up.

    The V-Cube is carefully made from 218 smaller pieces ('cubies') and truly is a masterful piece of engineering, outperforming any other puzzle cube on the market. The rotations are smooth and quick and it won't get stuck like other models. This makes the V-Cube ideal for speed cubers (check them out on Youtuibe) although we suggest trying to solve it at a slower pace first!

    To solve this puzzle you will need patience, strategy and technique. As with all puzzle cubes, It's a great way to train the brain!

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    Cubo Magico V-CUBE 7x7 originale Verdes 7x7x7 - VDN7XQYZW